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  AUN-TEPL Workplan Seminar 2023  

Charting New Frontiers: Empowering Learners through Technology Enhanced Personalised Learning

  25-26th May 2023  

Singapore Management University 


The workplan seminar, themed “Charting the way forward: Empowering learners through Technology-Enhanced Personalised Learning” aims to bring together like-minded AUN+3 universities to hear from key opinion leaders, connect with university change agents, share insights and explore the implementation of collaborative projects in, but not limited to, the following 4 key areas:

  • Co-create faculty development resources that can stimulate TEPL 

  • Facilitate the multi-lateral exchange of courses for credit transfer across universities

  • Share and amplify the use of digital learning resource​s on MERLOT 

  • Collaborate on TEPL research projects


  • Celebrate success of the network through a recommitment of signing of the MOU

  • Inspire members through gaining insights to TEPL approaches adopted across the region 

  • Connect like-minded educators in TEPL

  • Develop synergistic opportunities across the 4 collaboration projects to improve students’ success 

  • Move conversations forward with concrete action to kickstart each of the collaboration projects


Day 1 (25 May 2023)


Day 2 (26 May 2023)

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