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As one of our network's mission, we formed a partnership with MERLOT in our efforts to create a resource-sharing community within AUN+3. We welcome members to join us in our collaboration journey in promoting a community which shares and amplifies shared and curated educational resources with the aim of improving student success through the propagation of TEPL approaches across universities.


Key Benefits

  • Access curated shared resources

  • Search for discipline-specific educational resources targeted at technology-enhanced personalised learning 

  • Contribute to a sharing community to build knowledge and skills

  • Receive feedback and reviews to improve your resources within the AUN-TEPL community and beyond

  • Enhance academic reputation by being a Peer Reviewer or one of the Editorial boards  


The following diagram shows a visual representation of the different roles that you as an AUN-TEPL member or affiliate could  contribute to this community, as an adopter, a contributor and/or a reviewer. Supported by the university libraries and MERLOT Editorial Board, the AUN-TEPL thematic network forms an ecosystem of resource-sharing community within MERLOT.

AUN-TEPL Resource-sharing Ecosystem.png

Figure 1: AUN-TEPL Thematic Network Resource-sharing Ecosystem 

The Journey of contributing digital learning resources

within AUN-TEPL

Professor Seow Poh Sun

Singapore Management University

Featured Digital Resouces
Contributed by AUN-TEPL Members

How to Share Resources

Please refer to the user guide below on how you can join our network’s efforts in promoting a community which shares, curates and exchanges educational resources. Let's aim to improve student success through the propagation of TEPL approaches across universities.


For more information about creative commons, please click here.

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