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Faculty development in technology-enhanced personalized learning (TEPL) is the process of training and supporting educators in the effective use of technology to create personalized learning experiences for students. This approach involves using technology tools to tailor instruction to the individual needs and preferences of each student, with the goal of improving student engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. Faculty development programs in this area typically focus on providing educators with training and resources related to the design and implementation of personalized learning plans, the use of data and analytics to monitor student progress, and the integration of technology tools such as digital teaching tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) in Education, and learning analytic. By supporting faculty in the effective use of technology-enhanced personalized learning strategies, institutions can improve the quality of education and help students achieve their full potential.

The Faculty Development Project Group seeks to update and equip instructors through training programmes such as webinars, as well as develop resources to complement these programmes. We are currently seeking Collaborators to join this project group.

Roles for Collaborators



  • Contribute expertise and resources to work on identified projects

  • Participate in project meetings and discussions

  • Act as liaison and coordinator for their university

  • Report the implementation plans, status and progress of the projects to the lead university

Join Us



For more information and collaborate with us, please contact

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