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Join us in a series of online presentations where you interact with like-minded educators and experts in technology-enhanced personalised learning. Be engaged in live Q&A sessions with the presenters, hear insights from experts and find out how you can be involved in the educational research collaboration among others in the thematic network.

Use of analytics systems to guide students in acquiring Information Literacy competencies - A Research and Practice approach

15th May 2020
3.30pm - 4.30pm (SGT, GMT+8)

The provision of timely and targeted feedback to students, through analytics systems, is one of the commonly used technology-enhanced personalised learning strategies in Higher Education today.

Join Associate Professor Dr. Patcharin Panjaburee in this webinar, where she shares how this analytics system works through a self-regulated flipped classroom approach from the perspective of a researcher and practitioner.

Patcharin Panjaburee

Associate Professor of Science and Technology Education at the Institute for Innovative Learning, Mahidol University

Use of analytics systems to guide students in acquiring Information Literacy competencies - A Research and Practice approach

Mahidol University has been leveraging such a system to provide feedback and learning suggestions to students on how they can effectively develop competencies in Information Literacy. This approach aims to nurture better problem solvers, thinkers and helps foster effective contributors, confident individuals and responsible citizens as part of essential 21st Century competencies.

Creating Effective and Impactful Instructional Videos

3rd April 2020
3.30pm - 4.30pm (SGT, GMT+8)

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Effective instructional videos have become an integral part of higher education, serving as the main delivery mode for many blended learning courses especially in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Studies have shown that videos can serve as a productive part of a student’s learning experience when they are designed to include elements that help promote student engagement.

In this webinar, we will hear from 3 faculty members from Mahidol University who have extensive experience in creating and using instructional videos in their classrooms.

Videos of this presentations as well as the presentation slides provided by many of our speakers are now available!

Songsri Soranasathaporn

Associate Professor in English Language at Mahidol University
Co-founder (2008) and the Secretary General of The Thai Simulation and Gaming Association (ThaiSim)

Tools for Developing e-Learning Courseware

This presentation covers both instructional and technical considerations in the development of effective videos for Mahidol University’s online courses. An instructor’s perspective is share on the design of online courses. 

Adisak Nartthanarung

Assistant Professor at Mahidol University
Orthopedic Surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital

Digital Media and Personalised Learning Environment Development to Enhance Skill Teaching in Medical Students

Developing learners with the skills necessary to work in the future is an important goal of teaching in all professions, including the medical profession. There are many factors that affect the skill development of medical students. Mahidol University has developed digital media and an educational environment that can promote personalized learning by applying educational and information technology to help students develop knowledge and skills of medical students as well as building confidence in applying them.

Sujika Srinuntakul

Deputy Dean for Digital Media Technology and Training Services
Lecturer at Faculty of ICT

Mahidol University

Design and Development of Efficient Video for E-learning

This presentation shares some best practices of how to apply instructional design framework (ADDIE) and micro-learning concepts used in creating effective videos for online class. The presentation also analyzes how the use of byte-size learning contents and videos can enhance student’s performance in the learning and practice digital arts.




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