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AUN-TEPL Webinar Series 2023 - 2024

Here is a space where members of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) can research, practise, and share knowledge within a learning community. In particular, this community will be focused on the field of personalised learning and the myriad technological tools. which can help us to leverage each student’s unique needs, preferences, and level of competency so as to increase the effectiveness of learning. In order to provide meaningful personalised learning experiences through the use of technology, we are constantly looking for best practices, technological tools or pedagogical approaches, or simply to deepen our understanding of TEPL and its possibilities.


Through the AUN-TEPL Webinar Series, we will have opportunities to hear from educators and experts who share their valuable knowledge, research and experiences on a range of topics in the TEPL domain. We began in April 2020 with the topic of ‘Creating Effective and Impactful Instructional Videos’, one of the most commonly used modes of content delivery to facilitate online, self-paced or differentiated learning. In this first webinar, faculty members from the different fields of language, medicine and digital arts in Mahidol University shared their experiences and tips on video creation. Next, we were introduced to the feedback system which was deployed to support competency development in the area of Information Literacy in Mahidol University. This was followed by a sharing by the Singapore Management University about its ongoing effort to develop a university-wide learning outcomes feedback system which serves to track, collect comprehensive feedback and facilitate the mastery of a suite of 21st century skills for every graduate.


Please follow our event updates as this webinar series continues to curate these live webinar sessions for the AUN community. Engage the presenters in the Q&A sessions, hear experts and fellow practitioners share their insights, and find out how you can be involved in the educational research collaboration in this thematic network.


We are glad to share with you the recordings of past webinars below.

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Learning Innovation Festival (LIFE) 2023

6th Oct 2023
9.00am - 12.00pm (SGT, GMT+8)

In partnership with the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at the Singapore Management University (SMU), AUN-TEPL Thematic Network was once again involved in the Learning Innovation Festival 2023 (LIFE) webinar. LIFE is an annual event that celebrates innovation in teaching at SMU and AUN+3 universities, and this year’s theme was More than Fun and Games: Elevate Teaching and Learning through game-based Learning.

Presentations were conducted by professors from the Singapore Management University (SMU) who have successfully implemented game-based learning in their classrooms. Attendees  had the opportunity to learn how these innovative educators are using gaming technology to engage their students, enhance critical thinking, and promote collaborative learning.

Videos of selected presentations, as well as the presentation slides, are now available!


Lieven Demeester

Associate Provost (Teaching and Learning Innovation)

Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence
Singapore Management University

Welcome Address by Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence


Centre for Management Practice

Singapore Management University

Writing Cases and Teaching Notes for Games

Most of the games presented at LIFE 2023 are accompanied by a case and a teaching note. These documents will typically be written after each game project development is complete.

The cases explain the game in detail and outline the concepts and theories that it accomplishes while the Teaching Notes also contain lesson plans which faculty users may use to guide their classes on utilizing the game effective.


Norman Li

School of Social Sciences

Singapore Management University


Dawn of the Duck - An Evolution Experience

Engage, learn, and evolve as students take charge of a group of charismatic ducks and embark on an extraordinary evolutionary journey. Witness natural selection in action, adapt to changing environments, and uncover fascinating complexities through an engaging and interactive gameplay experience.


Geng Xuesong

Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University


Whitney Zhang

Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University

Co-Founders of the North

Embark on an epic multiplayer adventure with Co-Founders of the North, where students collaborate and compete to build towering structures on a dynamic floating island


Marcus Ang

Lee Kong Chieng School of Business
Singapore Management University

Inn or Out: An Yield Management Simulation

Students step into the shoes of a savvy hotel manager in Inn or Out! They attempt to navigate the challenges of high-demand holiday periods, strategically optimize bookings, and prevent costly empty rooms or frustrating overbookings. 


Seow Poh Sun

School of Accountancy
Singapore Management University


Wong Suay Peng

School of Accountancy

Singapore Management University


Sterling Huang

School of Accountancy

Singapore Management University

SMU Challenge

SMU Challenge is a fast-paced mobile game that puts students’ knowledge to the test with a series of rapid-fire multiple-choice questions. Race against the clock, earn double points for every correct answer. Trigger the fever mode for an exhilarating chance to earn even more points. 


Low Chin Heng

Lee Kong Chieng School of Business
Singapore Management University

Teaching Team Dynamics with Escape Rooms

This immersive escape room game is designed to teach invaluable team building and people management skills! Engage in a race against time as student groups navigate the intricate puzzles and challenges within a Pharaoh's tomb. 


Dorcas Quek Anderson

Yong Pung How School of Law
Singapore Management University

Learning Negotiation with iDecision Games

In iDecision Games, students assume diverse roles and engage in dynamic, real-time negotiations with fellow students. They will hone their persuasion, collaboration, and critical thinking skills as they navigate complex scenarios, strategize, and strive to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.


Integrated Information Technology Services

Singapore Management University

Game-Based Learning and Gamification in eLearn

Colleagues from the Integrated Information Technology Services talk will be talking about how Game-Based Learning and gamification can be integrated with eLearn, SMU’s learning management system

Webinar logo_blue.png

Teaching & Assessment in the Age of AI

4th Aug 2023
3.00pm - 5.00pm (SGT, GMT+8)

Since coming to prominence early this year, Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) technology continues to grow in sophistication and ubiquity. While causing concern among some University educators, many others have embraced the new opportunities and possibilities by using GAI tools to enhance teaching and learning.

To showcase these possibilities and hopefully, spawn new ones, the AUN-TEPL thematic network organises a webinar "Teaching & Assessment in the Age of AI". In this webinar, participants get to hear from three trailblazing university instructors who have used GAI technology to innovate classroom teaching and enhance assessment practices.

The webinar covers the following areas:


  1. Introduction to Generative AI (LLM)

  2. Use of Generative AI as a teaching tool

  3. Redesigning assessment in the age of AI and Ethical Considerations.


At the end of the webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and use the capabilities and affordances of LLM

  • Redesign course outline and adjust pedagogy to leverage LLM

  • Use LLM as a teaching tool

  • Redesign assessments in the presence of LLM available to students

We believe their insights will spark new ideas as you consider the wider implications of teaching in the age of GAI tools.


Norisma Binti Idris

Department of Artificial Intelligence,

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,

Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

The New Era of Artificial Intelligence: Generative AI

This presentation highlights the state-of-the-art technique in AI, Generative AI. It starts with the introduction to AI and the techniques used in different eras. Then, it talks about the best-known generative AI tool, ChaptGPT. Finally, some concerns are also highlighted where AI Ethics have become critical part in AI literacy. 


Jason Chuah

Dean, Faculty of law

Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

ChatGPT for Law


Muhammad Helmi Norman

Deputy Director of Instructional Technologies,

Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in Teaching and Learning for higher Education


Zahiruddin Fitri Bin Abu Hassan

Head of Leadership Training

Academic Development and Enhancement Centre (ADAC)
Universiti Malaysia

ChatGPT Assessment Design Helper


Mevludv Sila Yosulcay UZ

School of English Langugae

Sabanci University

Empowering higher education assessment: unleashing the potential of ChatGPT

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