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Mind The Drone


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Singapore Management University

The Mind the Drone app is a single-player virtual reality simulation which was developed for the School of Law in Singapore Management University Through the eyes of the plaintiff, the app aims to provide an immersive virtual learning environment for students to better appreciate the application of tort legal principles to real-life situations and circumstances. Students interact with the items and people in the case to select and curate relevant evidence in order to make an informed determination on whether tortious liability has been made out, and to what extent.

Strategy of Use

For the benefit of educators, this app is best used with the accompanying case notes to provide guidance on how to scaffold discussions and interactions with students to meaningfully explore arguments around the following issues: (i) the duty of care that may be owed to the plaintiff in the given factual matrix (ii) the standard of care that the tortfeasor should arguably be held to (iii) whether sufficient causal connection can be made out (iv) the extent of damages claimable (v) the legal defences that the tortfeasor might avail himself to

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